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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

St. John's Lutheran, Lyons Burt County NE

You know, you only have to get within a couple of miles of these country churches in order to find them. Just look for the steeple rising above the prairie, like this one. This is the view from the main highway, a mile away from St. John's. This church is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its style of architecture.


  1. Hi Janell ~~ I like your picture blog. Maybe that's what I ought to do with my Photo and Poem blog if I don't write many more poems.

    From what I have seen it seems the Lutherans built the prettiest churches with their high steeples. I like the ones you found, even the two mile shot. It comes out good with the largest size view.

    Is the old Alder Grove School still there? My 4H club met at that school. Darrel Wagnor attended, he was in my class at Tekamah.
    Your Salem Covenant Church picture from Oakland reminded me of that school.

    Yes, I'm ready for a blogger get-to-gether be it Blogfest or something else.

  2. Hi Jim! Yes, the Lutherans certainly outnumbered the others in this area. If the Alder Grove School was next door to the church, it isn't there anymore. Where was it from the church?